Conference Programme with links 2015

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Monday, June 22, 2015



Portrait Room

Adam Room


9.45 – 10.00





Keynote: Liz Evans

(University of Nottingham)



11.00 – 11.15

Tea/Coffee Break (Terrace Room)

11.15 – 12.45

A1 – The Political Economy of Global Television

(Chair – Lothar Mikos)

A2 – Border Crossings

(Chair – Iain Smith)

A3 – Transnational Media Consumption

(Chair – Deborah Jermyn)

Jeanette Steemers

(Westminster University/UK)

The challenge of producing local content in a transforming children’s audiovisual sector

Martin Zeller-Jacques

(Queen Margaret University/UK)

Web Series as Para-Television


Joanne Knowles

(Liverpool John Moores University/UK)

Jane Hall’s travels: ITV, female-focused comedy-drama and transnational TV markets

Concepción Cascajosa

(Carlos III University of Madrid/Spain)

From Across the Sea. Remaking Argentine TV in Spain


Rafael Antunes

(Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias , Lisboa/Portugal)

Transmedia Project Blue Pencil: promoting different genres and different approaches

Bridget Kies

(University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee/US)

A Vicious Viewership: British Television, American Audiences, and Gay Male Identity

Kenneth Murphy

(Dublin Institute of Technology/Ireland)

Ireland’s Platform Wars

Mariana Ciancia

(Politecnico di Milano/Italy)

Beyond the TV Screen; Challenges and opportunities of Transmedia within the broadcast television environment

Mita Lad

(Edge Hill University/UK)

Television from Mother India: the consumption of Indian television by women of the South Asian diaspora in the UK

Bärbel Göbel-Stolz

(Indiana University/USA)

Beyond Television: International Program Trades and New Hierarchies



Jane Stokes

(University of East London/UK) 

Is Slumdog Millionaire: A: ‘feel- good movie’; B: Bollywood melodrama; C: Danny Boyle’s masterpiece; D: a feature length ad for Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Your Final Answer…

Juan Francisco Gutiérrez Lozano

(University of Malaga/Spain)

Audiences abroad and International TV formats: consumption habits of Spanish mature emigrants in European countries












12.45 – 1.45

Lunch (Terrace Room)

1.45 – 3.15

B1 – Transmedia Content & Audiences

(Chair – Iain Smith)

B2 – Localizing TV Formats

(Chair – Sharon Shahaf)

B3 – Drama Production & Distribution in a Global Market

(Chair – Lothar Mikos)

Carmen Spanò

(University of Auckland/New Zealand)

Emerging dynamics in audiences’ mobile consumption of transmedia products: the cases Game of Thrones & Mad Men as a comparative study between Italy and New Zealand

Edward Larkey

(University of Maryland/USA)

Televisual Language and Transnational Format Adaptations: Comparing Serial Television Narratives

Vilde Schanke Sundet 

(Lillehammer University College/Norway)

Transnational production and distribution models in television drama: Or how a US mafia boss put Lilyhammer on the map

Rodrigo Lessa and Renata Cerqueira

(Salvador da Bahia/Brazil)

Telenovelas and transmedia extensions: Exploring transmedialisation strategies in contemporary Brazilian television

Jolien van Keulen

(Vrije Universiteit Brussel/Free University of Brussels/Belgium)

Aesthetic proximity or a transnational aesthetic? The role of stylistic elements in format localisation


Rubén Romero Santos

(Universidad Carlos III de Madrid/Spain)

Falcón: Man (and TV Series) from Seville


Ödül A. Gürsimsek and Kirsten Drotner

(University of Southern Denmark)

Lost spoiler practices: Online interaction as social participation


Martin Nkosi Ndlela

(Hedmark University College/Norway)

Localization of Masterchef South Africa


Emili Prado, Sheila Guerrero, Celina Navarro and Gina Plana

(Autonomous University of Barcelona)

The origin of fiction in the major European markets

Julián de la Fuente, Rut Martínez-Borda, Sara Cortés 

(University of Alcalá/Spain)

A Transmedia experience for a Re-Localization practice: Victor Ros



Tobias Steiner

(Hamburg University, Germany)

Variations on a Theme: Nordic Noir, Bron/Broen, and Glocalization

Catarina Duff Burnay

(Catholic University of Portugal)

Television fiction on the move: challenges & strategies of the Audiovisual Portuguese market

3.20 – 4.50

C1 – New Perspectives in TV Format Research

(Chair – Lothar Mikos)

C2 – Localizing Drama & Animation

(Chair – M. Bernal-Merino)

C3 – Transnationalisation, Standardisation and Difference

(Chair – Paul Rixon)

Sharon Shahaf

(Georgia State University, Atlanta/US)

Decentering TV’s Formula Art: Israel in the New Format-Driven Global Television Environment

Cécile Renaud

(University of Roehampton, UK)

Rewriting French animation: from Serge Danot’s Manège enchanté to Eric Thompson’s Magic Roundabout

Anna Zoellner

(University of Leeds/UK)

International aspects of factual TV production: The case of Great Britain and Germany

Jean K. Chalaby

(City University London/UK)

The Advent of the transnational TV format trading system: A global commodity chain analysis

Luca Barra

(Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan/Italy)

National mediation at work. The Italian life of us ready-made TV: Processes and challenges

Florian Krauß

(University Siegen/Germany)

“Quality TV” within German public-sector TV

Cecilia Penati and Anna Sfardini

(Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan/Italy)

Transforming “Female” Programmes. Factual Entertainment Formats from International TV to Italian Digital Channels for Women

Basil Glynn

(Middlesex University/UK)

Like a Version?: Balancing the  Foreign and Domestic in Imported Television Drama


Miao Tang

Powerpoint Presentation

Paper Presentation

(Communication University of China)

The dilemma of non-western countries in the global format trade

Heidi Keinonen

(University of Tampere/Finland)

Production format as technology transfer

Selin Tüzün Ateşalp and Babacan Taşdemir

(Marmara University and Akdeniz University/Turkey)  

Adapting American Series To Turkish Television: The Case of The O.C.

Matilde Delgado, Núria García-Muñoz, Belén Monclús and Emili Prado

(Autonomous University of Barcelona/Spain)

Info-show TV Trade in Europa

4.50 – 5.10

Tea/Coffee Break (Terrace Room)


Industry panel 

Plenary Roundtable Producing Formats for the World

Kevin Mundye (Keshet International, Head of UK Formats & Global Consultant)

Simon Quigley (International Producer Formats, BBC Worldwide)

Ella Umansky (International Formats Executive, ITV Studios)

Vasha Wallace (SVP Global Acquisition and Development, FremantleMedia)


7pm    For those who booked: Conference Party at the Duke’s Head Putney

            8 Lower Richmond Road,
SW15 1JN


Tuesday, June 23, 2015



Portrait Room

Adam Room


9.30 – 11.15

D1 – Investigating Dubbing: Flash Panel on Translation Across Genres and Forms

(Chair – Miguel Bernal-Merino)

D2 – Danish TV Drama from an International Perspective

(Chair – Lothar Mikos)

D3 – Television & National Identity

(Chair – Sam Ward)

Simone Knox

(Reading University/UK)

Investigating Dubbing as a Creative Act of Performance: Nicolas Böll as Aidan Shaw in Sex and the City

Pia Majbritt Jensen

(Aarhus University/Denmark)

The transnational appeal of Danish TV series: A buyer and distributor's perspective

Hsiu-Chin Hung​

(Goldsmiths, University of London/UK)

Transnational media consumption: Taiwanese Youth Look at Japanese and South Korean Television Dramas

Chiara Bucaria

(University of Bologna at Forlì/Italy)

Television paratexts across borders

Kirsten Sparre

(Aarhus University/Denmark)

Material Practices and Journalistic Devices in British Media Coverage of Danish TV Series

Sofia Vieira Lopes

(Universidade Nova de Lisboa/Portugal)

Portugal no Coração1 – Music and performance as nation-building force on Television

Delia Chiaro

(University of Bologna at Forlì, Italy)

Dubbing for a laugh? Translating humour on screen


Susanne Eichner

(Aarhus University/Denmark)

‘Lifeworld’ proximity and ‘Authenticity’. The ‘Europeaness’ in Danish Television

 Ayşegül Kesirli Unur

(Doğuş University, Istanbul/Turkey)

CSI for the National Audience: Discussing the Turkish Forensic TV Series Kanıt

Giuseppe de Bonis

(University of Bologna/ Italy)

Dubbing multilingualism on television: The American series Touch as a case in point

Tasha Oren

(University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Border Intimacies: Television Adaptations and Neurodiversity as Difference and Global Metaphor

Anamaria Pabon-Maldonado

(University of Bremen)

Doing it the Colombian way: A Corazón Abierto as a cultural adaptation of Grey's Anatomy

Jamilia Baluch

(Independent scholar, Germany)

Catfishing in Germany: German voice-over and subtitling of MTV’s reality show Catfish

Kenneth A Longden

(University of Winchester/UK)

Transnational Narratives of Identity, and the Intermedial: the Uses of TV in Slumdog Millionaire

11.15 – 11.30

Tea/Coffee Break (Terrace Room)


Portrait Room

Adam Room



E1 –Branding ‘Foreign’ Drama

(Chair – Simone Knox)

E2 – Transnational TV Production Studies: Danish TV Drama Series as an Example

(Chair – Susanne Eichner)

E3 – The Internationalisation of European Television – a Historical Perspective

(Chair – Jean Chalaby)


Paul Torre

(University of Northern Iowa/USA)

Streaming Across Borders: Netflix Welcomes “Foreign TV”

Iris Rittenhofer

(Aarhus University/Denmark)

What do Coke and The Bridge have in common?


Lothar Mikos

(Film University Babelsberg)

Early internationalization of German TV before 1990


Sam Ward

(University of Nottingham)

Just Another Channel?: Netflix, Imported Drama and Brand Integration

Jakob Isak Nielsen

(Aarhus University/Denmark)

Points of Contact, Points of Distance: Danish & American TV Production Cultures


Jose Bellido (University of Kent) and Kathy Bowrey (UNSW)

TV and the rise of merchandising agencies in the UK


Paul Rixon

(University of Roehampton)

Assimilating bought-in programmes: broadcasters, press packs and the pre-image

Anne Marit Waade

(Aarhus University/Denmark)

“Behind Every Series is a Strong Woman”: Gender as transnational production value in the Danish TV drama series

George Dawei Guo

(Royal Holloway, University of London/UK)

Learn to produce classic TV: BBC’s influences on China’s early television drama production

Kim Jeongmee

(Manchester Metropolitan University/UK)

Defining Korean Wave Drama: National Importance and Global Television

Mads Møller Andersen

(Aarhus University/Denmark)

Between comedy & drama – genre strategies in Danish and American television dramedy

Eggo Müller

(Utrecht University/the Netherlands)

EUscreenXL: European television heritage online and tensions between national and transnational perspectives


Lunch (Terrace Room)



Giselinde Kuipers

(University of Amsterdam)




Networking & Farewell Drinks (Grove House Terrace)