Masters in Audio-visual Translation around Europe





Lessius Hogeschool


Postgraduate European Master in Specialised Translation


It contains 6 ECTS of audiovisual translation, 6 ECTS of website localization and 6 ECTS of software localization, among others.


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Frachhochschule Köln


Master’s program terminology and Language Technology

Main subjects of the four-semester master's program are translation and production of specialized texts in the field of information technology and software localization, among others.


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Dublin City University


 MA in Translation Studies
It is a postgraduate programme in Translation Studies, with modules in Translation Technology, Audiovisual Translation and Translation Practice in European languages and Japanese.


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Dublin City University


MSc in Translation Technology

This postgraduate programme is suitable for translators with limited or no experience in translation technology, such as translation memory, machine translation, software localisation and audio-visual translation tools.


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Ollscoil na hÉirannGaillimh


MA Advanced Language Skills


The audiovisual module contains interlingual subtitling, elements of analysis of film discourse and audiovisual translation and Hands-on workshops with short subtitling projects.



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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


Master in European Audiovisual Translation


This online Master has trained audiovisual translators traditional techniques (dubbing and subtitling) and common methods such as voiceover, audio description, subtitles for the hearing impaired or translation of video games, among others.


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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


Master in Computer Assisted Translation (Translation and New Technologies)


There are a few modules of software and videogames localisation in this master.


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Université Charles de Gaulle


Master Traduction et Adaptation Cinématographiques


You will acquire a thorough knowledge of tools, methodologies and modern translation for all forms of audiovisual adaptation. You may be asked to exercise your skills in different areas: dubbing, subtitling, voice-over, video game translation, subtitling for the deaf and hearing impaired.


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Université Rennes 2


Master of Métiers de la traduction-localisation et de la communication multilingue et multimedia


Through internal courses, lectures and lessons, one of its modules can enhance your skills in the following areas: Project Management in Translation, Localization project management , Programming languages ​​and marking applied to the location, among others.

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Università di Bologna


Master of Screen Translation


This Master offers you the opportunity to be a translator specializing in film, television, theatre, web, facilitator accessibility to multimedia or head of multilingual versions of audiovisual production company.


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Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza


Postgraduate Audiovisual Translation


Students will gain knowledge of the standards and practices in the field of audiovisual translation, gain skills in the most popular methods of audiovisual translation (version lector, subtitles, dubbing) and work with specialized software translation services.

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Universidade do Porto


Master in Translation and Linguistics Service


There is a module of this master that contains Multimedia Translation, correctly use terminology related to subtitling, dubbing, audio-description and to the translation and localization of web pages  or localize and use the different resources that are available on the Internet for the different types of translation approached during the seminar are some of the tasks included.

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Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai


European Master´s in Translation Studies  – Terminology


You will find some modules during this master that will prepare you to become a proof-reader, a terminologist, a subtitler or a localizer, among others.

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University of Surrey


MA Audiovisual Translation


Learning from professionals and academics in a supportive environment, you will be entering one of the few programmes dedicated to audiovisual translation, preparing you for a growing professional market as well as for the exciting research opportunities in this expanding field.


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University of Surrey


MA Monolingual Subtitling and Audio Description


This programme is dedicated to media access for people with sensory disabilities. It focuses on monolingual subtitling (captioning) for the deaf and hard-of-hearing and audio description, a form of narrative translation for blind and partially sighted people


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University of Roehampton


MA Audiovisual Translation


The course offers teaching and training in core subjects of Audiovisual Translation, such as subtitling and dubbing, but also in innovative areas of accessibility (respeaking and audio-description, for instance) and localization (sotware and video games localization)


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University of Manchester


Translation and Interpreting Studies MA

The course can also be combined with other MA course units running in the School, e.g. a student interested in film translation may take course units in Audiovisual Translation and in Spanish/French/Russian cinema. 


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Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio


Experto en Tradumática, Localización y Traducción Audiovisual

This course is focused on software, website and videogames localisation and learning CAT tools.


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Universitat Jaume I


Master's Degree in Translation and Localisation Technologies

The general objective of this Master’s Programme is that the students learn how to develop their roles in translation and localisation companies, international organisations, language services from companies, and how to create their own companies.

It offers specific training in web page translation, computer software translation and videogame translation


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Universidad de Cádiz


Master Degree in Audiovisual Translation

The main objective is to offer detailed and specific training in translation techniques applied to subtitling, dubbing, subtitling for the hearing impaired and localisation, relating to the stage of translation itself and use of the most important software.

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