Conference Programme (with presentation links) 2012



Room 1

Room 2

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9.30 – 10.00




10.00 – 10.15

Introduction to conference



10.15 – 11.45

A1 – Aspects of Localization

(Chair – Jeanette Steemers)

A2 – Converging Tastes?

(Chair – Colin Sparks)

A3 – Transnational Cinemas

(Chair – Lucy Mazdon)

Lothar Mikos
(HFF Konrad Wolf)

Localization and De-localization

Tasha Oren
(University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

The evolution of Formats and contemporary food television


Dolores Martinez
(SOAS, University of London)

There and almost back again: On the savage junctures between Eisenstein, Kurosawa and Lucas

Juan Francisco Gutierrez Lozano
(University of Malaga)

Adapting International TV Formats for specific publics

 Kathy Bowrey
(UNSW, Sydney)

Social media and advertising strategies in global reality TV franchises

Austin Fisher
(University of Bedfordshire)

Il Cinema All’Americana? : Defining the Transnational Popular

Kate Edwards
(Englobe Inc.)

Content Culturalization and the Battle for Public Mindshare

Bertha Chin
(Cardiff University)

“De-Westernising” fan studies: applying fan cultural theory to the transcultural fandom of East Asian popular culture

Rachel Mizsei Ward
(University of East Anglia)

Remaking The Karate Kid (2010): Transnational Co-Production, Jackie Chan and Kung Fu

Anne Gruene
(University of Erfurt)

What is Cultural about Cultural Adaptation in TV formats?

Philip Lin
(University of Westminster)

The Call of Duty series and the Reflected Intertextuality

Dolores Tierney
(Sussex University)

Remaking the Latin American director: Fernando Meirelles, The Global Auteur

11.45 – 12.15

Tea/Coffee Break



12.15 – 13.45

B1 – Cultural Adaptation

(Chair – Paul Rixon)

B2 – Audiovisual Translation

(Chair – Frederic Chaume)

B3 – Japan Across Borders

(Chair – Koichi Iwabuchi)

Marusya Bociurkiw
(Ryerson University)

Top Chef Canada & Transmedia Affect


Marco Benoît Carbone
(University College London)

Tu vuò fa’ the Sopranos: Short Circuits of Italian identities in the localization of a popular TV series

Rayna Denison
(University of East Anglia)

The Strange Case of the Local and Global Reproduction and Distribution of Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers)

Aaron Calbreath-Frasieur
(University of Nottingham)

Localizing Sesame Street: The Cultural Translation of the Muppets

Dionysios Kapsaskis & Irene Artegiani
(University of Roehampton)

A qualitative analysis of the impact of template files in multilingual subtitling

Serena Formica
(University of Derby)

If Hercule Poirot spoke Japanese: Cross Border Adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Novels

Martin Nkosi Ndlela
(Hedmark University College)

Localization of Global Television Formats in Africa

Jonathan Wroot
(University of East Anglia)

Death Note: Framing the Authentic Text

Colette Balmain
(Independent Scholar)

Media Horror Across Borders: Rings, Grudges and Oriental Nightmares

Heidi Keinonen
(University of Tampere)

Formatted Authenticity: Genre, National Culture and the Finnish Version of Connected

Mark Betz
(Kings College London)


Derek Johnston
(University of Portsmouth)

Transcultural Reinterpretation of the ‘Lone Wolf and Cub’ Narrative

13.45 – 15.00




15.00 – 16.30

C1 – Roundtable on

The Universal and the Local

C2 – Roundtable on

Cross-Cultural Film Remakes

C3 – Videogame Localization

(Chair – Kate Edwards)

Chair: Colin Sparks

Roundtable Participants:

Jean Chalaby
(City University)

Simone Knox
(University of Reading)

Miriam Stehling
(Leuphana University)

Elke Weissman
(Edge Hill University)

Chair: Paul Sutton

Roundtable Participants:

Constantine Verevis
(Monash University)

Lucy Mazdon
(University of Southampton)

Tejaswini Ganti

(New York University)

Savaş Arslan
(Bahçeşehir University)

Steve Rawle
(York St John University)

Ornella Lepre
(Imperial College London)

Translating, adapting and remaking in video games: The role of gameplay in cultural localization

Jiří Petrů
(Masaryk University)

Development of Video Games Translation in the Czech Republic

Mai Ávila, Mª Carmen Camacho, Cristina Escudero, Alma Díaz and José María Pérez

Adapting Dating Sims Spirit

Curri Barceló-Ávila & Jennifer Vela Valido

Theory and Practice of Games Localisation: Academic Training vs. Professional Reality in Spain and the United Kingdom

16.30 – 17.00

Tea/Coffee Break



17.00 – 18.30

Closing Plenary Roundtable

Chair: Andrea Esser

Roundtable Participants:

Koichi Iwabuchi
(Waseda University)

Frederic Chaume
(Universitat Jaume 1)

Laurence Raw
(Baskent University)

Jeanette Steemers
(University of Westminster)




Wine Reception




* Sylwia Szostak presentation