Workshop 1 – Agenda


Date:             Friday, 11th of May 2012

Venue:          Terrace Room, Grove House, Froebel College, University of Roehampton


1.30-2.30pm                        Lunch


2.30-3.15pm                        Introductions

Participants to introduce themselves. Please include a statement on

1.       ‘Most important lesson learned’ in localisation business

2.      Biggest (localisation) challenge for the future


3.15-4.15pm             Session1: Producing for the international market

o   What works internationally?

o   What needs to be adapted for cultural reasons? How much?

o   Can and should ‘cultures’ still be nationally defined in an era of individualisation, increased migration and deterritorialisation?


4.15-4.30pm                        Tea break


4.30 – 5.30pm        Session2: Knowledge and skills gaps in localisation

o   Is there a lack of knowledge and/or skills concerning cultural adaptation amongst media executives working at the international level?

o   Is there a need for a more structured approach to localisation? A need for generic written manuals and structured knowledge transfer?

o   Is there a need for short training courses?


5.30pm                     End of workshop